Prophetic Code Red

Beloved this is a prophetic emergency by my Father in the Faith and mentor Prophet Babs Adewunmi.

Prophecy Video on the 22nd of February, 2022.

This is a prophetic update alert from the live YouTube broadcast “Prophetic time alignment” broadcasted live on YouTube on Feb 22nd 2022.

Those of us who followed the live broadcast then or have since watched the video may remember the prophecies about planned attacks on Jerusalem and Israel
from about 11 mins : 25secs to 15mins: 00secs on the video. We’ve extracted the part of the video with words about Israel and posted it above.

But for the full prophetic video on 22-02-2022 see this video below.

Prophetic Time Alignment

Events since this utterance have become rather serious.

The vision was to pray for Israel and Jerusalem because attacks were being planned against them but this time rather than the attacks coming from across the border like the rocket and missile attacks from Gaza, Lebanon or Syria like before when Israel responded with the “Iron Dome” defence systems, rather this time the attacks were being planned from within Israel and Jerusalem! Thus calling for prayer for Israel and Jerusalem.

This word was given on 22-02-2022 and the attacks began in Israel at about one month later with the terror attacks at the Beersheba area of Israel and a wave of several attacks from within Israel commenced and been on going in the weeks since then.

The prophecy starts out by saying –

Wow the Prince of Persia is moving….

Meaning it will involve the movement of Iran (Prince of Persia) and then later goes on to say it will be by those who say they’re friends but are not. These are striking utterances, considering the nature of the attacks and the fact that they were carried out by Israel nation Citizens but not necessarily Jewish citizens of Israel.

This is according to all the news reports.
The attacks started around Israel first but began in Jerusalem later on April 15th 2022. See news report below:


After storing inside the mosques many rocks last night the Palestinians began to throw them outside towards Israeli police and Jewish worshippers at the western wall. The Israeli police stormed into the Temple Mount and violent clashes are happening now. This is exactly what the Palestinians planned for Passover eve. A well photographed battle on the third holiest Muslim site. Israel’s response will of course be presented as aggression and rockets from Gaza will be their answer.
15th April 2022.

And these clashes in Jerusalem have been going on till today. All with the intentions of creating false narrative for war against Israel.

See update video by Behold Israel: Amir Tserfati below.

Palestinians Attempt to start War Over Jerusalem.

Also at about the time the attacks began the following intelligence news was given by Israeli security.

Serious alert from the Israeli military Intelligence Division:

Iran is increasing its presence in Syria in areas near Israel. An Intelligence official says Iran is taking advantage of the nuclear talks in Vienna as well as Russia’s weakness in light of the poor results of the war, increasing the flow of weapons and the number of Revolutionary Guards personnel and deploying anti-aircraft missile systems.

Global Telegram

This is clearly the hand of Prince of Persia (Iran) at work coordinating attacks against Israel.

See news video links of the attacks against Israel below:

Four killed in knife attack in southern Israel.

Isreal hit by third terrorist attack.

Gunmen kills five in Isreali town.

Gunmen kill five in Tel Aviv.

ISIS terrorist kills two cops in Isreal.

2 dead in Tel Aviv Terror Attack.

This might be one of the largest terror attacks in recent years
Possible hostage situation in the area.
Again – one of the worst terror attacks in many years!

Major Terror Attack in Tel-Aviv by Amir Tserfati.

The utterances in the prophetic video on 22-02-2022 went on to say we should pray that no war happens before the times appointed by God (which are written in scripture). The Bible speaks of wars coming in Israel in passages like in Ezekiel 38 and so on which can’t be changed at it’s appointed time, but we can pray against other wars that don’t have such an appointment.

From the above report it’s getting clear that these internal attacks are being plotted and coordinated as a ploy to make Israel appear like the “aggressor nation” which will now be used as an accusation, excuse and justification to bring general war against Israel as they will be made to look guilty in world perspective.

No wonder the utterances said to pray against any wars before their appointed times. However, the prophetic prayer utterance that ended the word on Israel and Jerusalem had said to pray for Israel and then for Jerusalem to minimize the impact of attacks and assaults (some of the attacks actually came in the form of individual assaults) and that the loss of lives be minimised and that the attackers and plotters be arrested!

The following insider reports actually says our prayers are being answered.

The IDF is engaged in the past few days on operation “breakwater” to expose and eliminate terror cells in Judaea and Samaria. Over the past few days multiple terrorists were captured and scores of terror attacks were thwarted.
– Amir Tserfati (13th April 2022)

The Bible says we are blessed when we pray for Israel, because it is in her consolation, victory and abundance that we will have our victory and abundance; see scripture below:

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.

Psa 122:6 KJV

Rejoice ye with Jerusalem, and be glad with her, all ye that love her: rejoice for joy with her, all ye that mourn for her:

Isa 66:10 KJV

That ye may suck, and be satisfied with the breasts of her consolations; that ye may milk out, and be delighted with the abundance of her glory.!

Isa 66:11 KJV

Beloved, I am calling on all intercessors to rise and war a good warfare with these prophetic words that has gone forth and pray for Israel. Isreal is forever!!!

Shalom beloved.



  1. I’m a Jewish Israeli-American. I appreciate your support of Israel, and explaining the situation there in such eloquent way.
    Most people don’t even know that the Muslims have no religious connection to Jerusalem, which is not even mentioned in their Quran. They claimed it is sacred to them just to spite both Jewsh and Christians.
    Christians are persecuted in all the Muslim countries, and the only place in the Middle East where they have religious freedom is in Israel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly!!!!! They have no religious connection whatsoever to Jerusalem. Israel is literally the only beacon of hope and the only country in the middle East where christians have religious freedom. As a Christian I love Israel and I will always support Israel forever.

      Liked by 1 person

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