My Lover Jesus

Who is as beautiful as you? Jesus you are beautiful, you are irresistible.

Lover of my soul, you are beautiful! My darling you are everything.

When I hear your name my heart tingles, I see love in your eyes, I see fire in your eyes.

Who is more glorious than you? Who is more wonderful than you? Who is more lovely than you? You have captured my heart.

I love you Jesus till the end of the age, other people might feel like it is an option to serve you but to me it is a must. You are not an option to me, you are my oxygen.

Jesus you are my heart’s desire, you are my obsession, you have ravished my heart Jesus and I want to ravish your heart. You turn me on Jesus and I want to turn you on.

Jesus you can stand at every other persons door and knock Jesus but you don’t need to stand at my door and be knocking Jesus, this house; my temple is yours, I am your sanctuary and your tabernacle.

I belong to you Jesus. You can come and go out anytime you want Jesus, I have nothing to hide from you Jesus, I have no privacy Jesus, there is nothing I am protecting from you Jesus. There is nothing I am hiding from you Jesus, I bare my soul completely before you, am I am and all I have is yours.

Come in and feel at home my lover and rearrange this house as you want Jesus. It is your house and it is your home Jesus. I delight greatly in you Jesus and my soul yearns and burns for you Lord.

I want you Jesus more than I want to live, I need you Jesus more than I need oxygen. You are my heartbeat, my heart beats eighty thousand times faster when I hear your voice.

You are my first love Jesus and the love of my life. I love you Jesus more than anything and anyone in my generation Jesus. No one can love you like I can love you Jesus for there is only one me Jesus. May it never be heard under the sun Jesus that there is anybody else loving you more than me.

You are my all in all Jesus, you are everything to me. I just want to be where you are Lord and I just want to bless your heart and make you smile. I desire you Jesus more than the air in my lungs, arise and take your place in my life sweet Jesus for there is none like you, none can be compared unto you, only you can satisfy me Jesus.

Only you can satisfy my heart Jesus, I tried everything else Jesus it is only you that can satisfy me. I love you Jesus.

Jesus kiss me with the kisses of your lips for your love is better than wine, feed me lord with the spirit of your lips; draw me lord and I will run after you.

Intoxicate me Jesus, give me new wine of your spirit Jesus. You are all my soul desires Lord. Only to do your will and dwell daily in your presence. I don’t want to worship you from afar, pull me and draw me close to your heart Jesus.

Jesus, I just want you.

“Jesus you said eat my flesh and drink my blood, I will eat your flesh and drink your blood Jesus for your flesh is meat indeed and your blood is drink indeed….better than wine”

I just want to contain you Jesus, I want to finish you Jesus. I am not going anywhere else Jesus, you are stuck with me till eternity and beyond. I am here to stay Jesus, you are my home and wherever you are is home to me forever and ever.

You are all that matters to me Jesus, Jesus you are my price and you are my treasure and I will forsake everything for the joy of knowing you and being where you are.

I love you Jesus more than everyone in my generation. I desire you Jesus forever and ever.

Jesus, Jesus my love I want to make you smile; I want to bless your heart. Jesus, Jesus my love I want to wipe your tears, I want to make you dance. Jesus, Jesus my love I want to make you proud, I want to wipe your tears.

Beloved, Do you have a relationship with Jesus? Have you encountered the Father’s love? Jesus loves you and delights to hear your voice.

His heart beats faster when he hears your voice, all day long he is thinking about you in heaven. Won’t you ask him into your heart?

If you want to have a relationship with the Jesus, you have to give your life to him. If you want to accept Jesus into your heart, just say this prayer out loud and mean it from the depth of your heart, say:

Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, come into my heart and cleanse me of my sin. I proclaim and acknowledge you as my Lord and Savior and I renounce every unfruitful work of darkness. I love you Jesus. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Now ask the Father to give you the Holy Spirit and receive the gift of the Holy spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Get into the word and renew your mind, I suggest you start from the New Testament and spend time in prayer and communion with God. Congratulations.

Beloved of the Father, God loves you. Always remember that God is not a brute, he is approachable. God bless you and keep you, God make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you, God lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Stay blessed. Shalom.


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