I created this site as a 22 year old girl who loves Jesus and delights in exalting Christ and raising a generation for our Lord Jesus Christ. A generation who will lead and start a Jesus Revolution all around the world, win souls for Jesus, plunder the gates of hell and cause havoc to kingdom of darkness.

A Generation of lovers, A generation of rebels, who will rebel against this world’s system and enforce the kingdom of God here on earth. A generation who will love Jesus and be sold out hundred percent (100%) to Jesus Christ. A generation pliable in the hands of the Holy spirit and ready to serve God in all things.

A generation who will be surrendered totally to God and will yield to his will and not theirs. A generation to begin a “Jesus Revolution”. A generation that will be the battle Axe in the hand of God. To raise up an army for God; The Joel Army.

Welcome to the Jesus generation revolution, fellow rebels. You are a part of this generation. You are in my page today not by mistake but because God has enlisted you to be a part of this end time army, to carry His torch and raise His banner in this generation.

You are so loved of God. You are here because God has a place specially for you in this army. I love you and God loves you.

Welcome to the Revolution.



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